Luxe Labradoodle’s Nala

Nala stacked.jpeg
nala side head tilt.PNG

Our amazing Nala is the perfect combo of sweet and silly. Nala is the perfect family dog as she is always up for any family activity and loves to be the center of attention. She is pretty good at entertaining her Guardian family with her silly antics and brings so much joy to their house. She is also an avid swimmer and snuggler. Her first litter with Rio produced some amazing pups with their parents beautiful coloring and wonderful dispositions. We are planning her 2nd litter in the fall of 2019 and so stay tuned for updates…

Comprehensive Health Testing and Stats:


Certified: A51-C3

Hips-OFA prelim Good

Elbows: OFA normal

Heart: OFA normal

Patellas: Normal

OFA eyes: Normal L and R

Clear by parentage on Paw Prints panel all except DM:



Size: Small medium

Color: red with white mismarks