Kona is an amazing girl and everything we strive to produce here at Luxe. She is both beautiful inside and out and posses all the qualities of a wonderful dog. We had the pleasure of having Kona here for a sleep over for a few nights and we were so impressed with everything about her! She is smart, outgoing, level headed and the kind of girl you can take everywhere and she is just happy to be by your side. She loves children, adults, dogs, cats and the list go on… we can’t say enough good things about our sweet girl and so proud she represents her Luxe heritage so eloquently. A huge thanks goes out to her wonderful Guardian family who have done just an amazing job raising her.


Color: black

Size: Medium

Weight: 30lbs

Height: 19 inches

Coat type: beautiful wavy fleece

Luxe Labradoodle’s Kona

ALCA#-Not registered at this time

Kona in sun.jpg


Comprehensive Health Testing

Hips: Normal

Elbows: Normal

Heart: Normal

Patella’s: Normal

Paw Prints Genetic Health Testing: clear by parentage

KONA face.jpg
Kona front stacking pretty.jpg