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Rocking Doodle Ranch Red Rustler X

Rustler  handsome shot.jpg

A huge thank you goes out to Wendy and Danny at Rockin Doodle Ranch for allowing us stud privledges to their very handsome boy Rustler. Rustler is an amazing boy with a very solid and stable temperament and just loves everyone he meets! The combination of these two amazing dogs will produce some exceptional pups. We can hardly wait to see these Luxe pups blossom!

Summer Lovin’ Litter

Jubilee Piper

Piper siitng in from of dog run.jpg

~Summer Lovin’ Litter @ 2 weeks.

~Summer Lovin Litter @ 3 weeks.

Summer Lovin’ Litter @ 4 weeks

Summer Lovin Litter @ 5 weeks

Summer Lovin’ Litter @ 6 weeks