The Ruby Litter

Sydney X Rio

Let me count the ways we love our Sydney and Rio pups! SO MUCH So that we had to do a repeat performance!  Born 2.2.17 we have 3 lovely girls and 3 handsome boys in stunning shades of red, apricot and beautiful blacks.  We can hardly wait to watch these babies develop.

Follow here for a weekly photo updates as we love to share these lil beauties as they grow! 


Sydney good Photo.jpg

The Ruby litter turns 2 weeks old! 

The Ruby Litter turns 3 weeks. 

The Ruby Litter turns 4 weeks. 

The Ruby Litter turns 5 weeks old.  

The Ruby Litter turns 6 weeks.  

The Ruby Litter turns 7 weeks. 

The Rock Star Litter

Friday X Rio

Friday good photo.png

These sweet babies were born on 2.2.18 and we are over the moon in love with these little angels.  4 breathtaking boys and 2 gorgeous girls in a variety of black and white parti's, apricot/cream parti and shimmery blacks! We can hardly wait to see the attributes of these outstanding parents shine through in these pups as they develop.  

Stay tuned right here each week for The Rock Star litter photos!

The Rockstar litter turns 2 weeks old!

The Rockstar Litter turns 3 weeks. 

The Rockstar litter turns 4 weeks.

The Rockstar Litter turns 5 weeks.

Rockstar Litter turns 6 weeks. 

The Rockstar Litter turns 7 weeks. 




The Love Litter

Zeva X Rio

This is a bittersweet litter for us. This will be the last  litter of our amazing, foundation girl Zeva.  She has produced the most amazing pups for us and we are eternally grateful for her and all her beautiful babies.  She ended her breeding career with a bang producing some stunningly gorgeous pups on 2.2.18.  4 magnificent boys and 3 elegant girls in stunning shades of red and apricot and just to spice it up she threw in a splash of cream as well!

These little beauties will grow up before your very eyes, so check back weekly for the latest photos!

zeva good photo.png

The Love Litter turns 2 weeks. 

The Love litter turns 3 weeks. 

The Love Litter turns 4 weeks. 

Love Litter turns 5 weeks. 

The Love Litter turns 6 weeks. 

The Love Litter turns 7 weeks.