Upcoming 2019 Litters

Luxe LAbradoodle’s Kesi

Luxe LAbradoodle’s Kobi


Kobi and Kesi have honeymooned and pups are expected May 29th. We are anticiapte pups in varying shades of caramel, red and parti colors in mini and mediums sizes! We can hardly wait to see what this duo produces for us. Pups are sure to be over the top amazing! Reservation list is CLOSED.


Luxe Labradoodle’s Sydney

Sydney good Photo.jpg
Kobi laying down .jpg

Luxe Labradoodle’s Kobi

Kobi laying down .jpg

This will be Sydney’s retirement litter and we are eternally grateful for our wonderful Sydney and her amazing puppies. She has consistently produced pups with rock solid temperaments and stunning good looks. This pairing is an encore performance because they produced the most amazing pups together! We are anticipating stunning pups in shades of caramel, black and chocolates due at the end of June. They should produce both large mini and small medium sizes. We can hardly wait to meet these beautiful babies. Reservation List is CLOSED.


Jubilee Rio

Front stack rio.jpeg

Rio and Macy plan to honeymoon in May with pups expected in July. Reservation is CLOSED. This will be a mini litter with caramel and reds with white mismarks.

Luxe Labradoodle’s Sunday


Sunday and Kobi are due to honeymoon this spring and we expect pups early summer. Pups will be chocolate, caramel and parti pups. This will be a medium litter. Reservation list is now ClOSED.

Luxe’s Macy

Macy front .jpg

Luxe Labradoodle’s Kobi

Kobi laying down .jpg

Jubilee Piper

We are still interviewing bachelors for our sweet Piper girl. Once we finalize her Mr. Right we will be sure to post him here. Please stay tuned…

Luxe Labradoodle’s Zoey

We are also looking for Mr. Right for our sweet Zoey. Once we find him we will post here. SO stay tuned..

Zoey face.jpg