What is it? 

Our Guardian Program offers the opportunity to foster one of our pick of the litter puppies or adult dog  if you live with in a 50 mile radius of Phoenix, Arizona.  Luxe retains the breeding rights for a designated period specific to each dog.  When the Guardian Program is completed, Luxe Labradoodles will pay for the cost of spay/or neuter and the dog will live happily with his/her forever family.  



The Girls- the breeding female lives with you as a beloved member of your family. We pay for any breeding related costs (health testing & maternity care) and you pay for routine vet and wellness visits as you would any family pet. When the time comes for her to deliver her pups, she will be cared for and be loved in our home (about 7 weeks)until her pups are weaned.  A female will have approximately 4 breedings in her breeding career. When her breeding career is over she becomes legally yours!


The Boys- the breeding male lives in your home and only needs to leave when his stud service is called for. We pay for any breeding related costs and you pay for his routine vet care. Most males will finish breeding by the age of 7. When his breeding career is over he becomes legally yours!


Although the cost of the dog is free, you are entering  into a partnership with Luxe Labradoodle:


What do we expect from you?

~ Feed high quality food and supplements approved by Luxe.

~ provide quality vet care.

~own your own home.

- train to a basic obedience level and exercise daily to keep fit.

-coats are well kept, brushed regularly and trimmed by a Luxe approved groomer.

-give lots of love!



 Guardian Perks- we also give $ incentives to those who want to train to the next level and receive titles such as the AKC Good Citizen, obedience, agility titles or therapy certifications. 


A Win, Win, Win!


We really appreciate our Guardian Families and feel as responsible breeders it’s a win win win situation for all! 


-  Our Guardian families get a pick of the litter puppy/dog, multi-gen Australian Labradoodle for no cost!

- Luxe Labradoodle gets to promote the development of a wonderful breed while having wonderful forever homes.

-Our breeding dogs  are loved and cherished by a wonderful family.  



Please fill out both a Puppy Application and the Guardian Application !

I will contact you once I review your application and would be happy to answer all your questions!